How will you start your day?

Optimal Mindset Consulting

Each morning, we awake from a nights rest. During the awakening process, we end our recharge from the previous nights sleep and enter “on” mode for the new day before us. As you walk to the kitchen to grab your morning cup of joe, each step may feel slower and slower due to your idealistic thoughts of laying back into bed for another 10 minutes rest. But no… You continue your slow shuffle towards the kitchen as your feet do the forward moonwalk to your 1st destination of the day. During these potentially dreadful or for some, delightful first steps that you take in the morning, the plan for your next 15 or so hours (depending on your recharge) is beginning to formulate. 

For some, these moments may ponder thoughts like, “Ahhh… Work again today? Then I have to pick up the kids and work out with Joe… Man, this should be…

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