How will you start your day?

Each morning, we awake from a nights rest. During the awakening process, we end our recharge from the previous nights sleep and enter “on” mode for the new day before us. As you walk to the kitchen to grab your morning cup of joe, each step may feel slower and slower due to your idealistic thoughts of laying back into bed for another 10 minutes rest. But no… You continue your slow shuffle towards the kitchen as your feet do the forward moonwalk to your 1st destination of the day. During these potentially dreadful or for some, delightful first steps that you take in the morning, the plan for your next 15 or so hours (depending on your recharge) is beginning to formulate. 

For some, these moments may ponder thoughts like, “Ahhh… Work again today? Then I have to pick up the kids and work out with Joe… Man, this should be a good one…” as some of us may ponder the horrific day ahead of us. For others, their day may begin with their favorite morning shake made freshly prepared with their favorite blender and a giant smile on their face saying, “I am really looking forward to today. Work, grab the kids, and an awesome workout… Joe’s going to kick my butt!” 

Either way, the day will begin one way or the other. The mornings are critical parts of our day. They are what establish the base of the next 15 or so hours that you will be awake and moving. Start your day off on a high note. One that works best for you. For some, they may like to get in a quick 20 minute run before their first daily tasks, for others having that giant cup of coffee and checking their planner makes all the difference. Most importantly, we have the power to set ourselves up for a wonderful day where we can come home with a big smile on our face thinking, “Wow. I feel good about today. I couldn’t have done it any better.” 

Think for a second about how you can come home tomorrow and feel great about what you did that day. How do you want to start your day? What is your game plan for a great day? When you walk to the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere as soon as you wake up, you can start building your day. So as most of us do slouch as we look at our overfilled cereal bowls with an intense squint similar to those created when the sun is blaring in your face, we can begin to find ways of looking forward to all that will come today. Enjoy it. Love it. Breathe in the pure air and ready yourself for a day of happiness. Because that is, by far, the reason we want to get up in the morning anyway, right? Have fun.

What are your reasons for getting up this morning?

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

It is in our heart and in the thoughts within our mind where sanctuary can be found. Our mind contains the pain of the past, intense joys , fears, and anxieties as they pulse at a steady beat. We are the beholder of all that is to come yet, we have no idea what will happen. We don’t know for sure whether we are going to be that successful entrepreneur that we have fantasized about for years nor do we know if we will find “the one” in this vast world of beauty, opportunity, and confusion. It is in our heart and soul, our lessons of the past, and are outlook of the future where our feet will journey to the next destination, the next day, and ultimately, our fate. Will we be successful? Will we do what we feel we were intended to do in this world filled with needs? This answer is up to each and every one of us. As you read this post, you may be thinking about all of those things that you want to do and realize that what you are currently doing is not in line with those desires. You may be a true photographer at heart yet you are the waitress at the restaurant down the road. You can be the basketball player that never got as far as you wanted in basketball so you chose to sell insurance or work at the nearest coffee shop. Whatever you are, you may or may not be the same person tomorrow.

It is our lives for which we can control what happens internally. There will always be external circumstances that may seem to stand in the way of you achieving your true happiness. Whether it be a lack of security in money, age, inability to find the time in the day, or the fear of failure that clouds your mind on a regular basis. It can be the concern of financial burden you may place on yourself if you decide to call up your boss tomorrow and say, “I have made a choice. I am choosing to pursue my own happiness by doing what I love to do”.

In the end, ask yourself if you are happy or if you are not. If you find yourself on the unhappy side of the spectrum, it’s time to do something about it. You don’t have to be rash, but rather, be smart, thorough, and create a plan that will help you achieve your true happiness. This is your life. I am a random writer and somehow you stumbled along my blog and read this and that light bulb may have finally been rekindled. You work for other people that control their own lives so why not control your own. Do yourself a favor, do what you love.

As the happy ones tend to say, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life”.

Hello Everyone!

Hi Everybody! This is my first blog post! My name is Maximilian Pollack and I am the owner of Optimal Mindset Consulting. I work with performers of many types such as athletes, musicians, fitness gurus, youth performers, teams, organizations, and anybody else who wants to improve their overall mental game and achieve their peak performance. My work is focused primarily on the mindset of each individual. I help my clients build mental skills through Mental Skills Training.

I love writing about motivation, positive psychology, Mental Conditioning, important events, and life in general. I would love for you to come by every now and then and check out my new posts! Feel free to leave comments and stay engaged in the conversations. I look forward to all that is to come.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you do it again soon!


Maximilian Pollack, M.S.