The Art of Moving Forward: Improve Yourself and Reap The Benefits

No matter what you experience in life, you almost always have a choice for what happens next. Whether it be a challenge or obstacle such as an injury that you recently experienced, a tough break-up, taking an extremely difficult class, or anything else… we must remember that our next move is critical to our success or failure. From all of the incredible stories that we see posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, the ones that grab us are the inspirational stories of individuals coming from incredibly difficult odds or circumstances and pushing there way to the top. Whether those inspire you or not, you have the ability to do the same, if not better. But it all starts with one thing.

The way we think is a game-changer. It will literally change the game.

What does this mean? Think like you are the best and you will be the best? No. Think positive and thereafter, nothing that happens will be difficult or you will never experience challenges? Um… No.

It comes down to the step after. Thinking effectively is critical. It is the make or break you mentality that separates the elite level athletes and performers from the rest. For example, in the moments that something extremely challenging or even over bearing happens (bound to happen to you every now and then) these individuals push through and stay determined to find small bouts of success. Kobe Bryant is a prime example of this. After being drafted out of high school to the Lakers, he faced an almost insurmountable set of challenges. The team needed him to be “The Guy” for their squad. After having a tough start to the year in regards to his performance, he faced his most challenging opponent. In that game, took the game winning shot four times and missed. Four times! That’s a big hit to your mental game if you do no properly stay focused on the task at hand. Immediately after the game he made a choice. He went straight to his high school gym, asked the security guard to open the basketball gym for him (they knew each other over the years), and took shots for around 14 hours. He did this because he had lost the feel for his shot. In basketball, that feel is critical to any shot. Afterward, he dedicated himself to improving his craft. His never relinquished his goal. His eyes were on the prize and no matter what happened, he knew that he would find a way to become one of the best of his time. Look at him now.

The lesson here is that no matter what happens to you, there is always a way. It is a choice and we all have them. Some choose to keep pushing forward and achieving the success that they have already created for themselves in their mind and in their thoughts while others do the opposite and fear withstanding the struggle.

“The struggle is what makes you the person you are and the individual you will become. Push through and reap the benefits of a life truly worth living.”

It’s an art. Those who have grown from difficult beginnings, pushed through the struggles and are now considered the most optimal level performers and people are the examples of this in action. The art of choice. The choice of reaching your destiny. Among all things, if you want to achieve the level of greatness that you truly have a burning desire to become, then let nothing get in the way and keep at it. Fear will certainly be there. As you read this, I am sure that you are shaking in your shoes (in a metaphorical sense) but that is all part of the journey. That fear is actually a very powerful tool that you have in your toolbox. We all have it but have to interpret what it really is properly. The moment you can learn to channel that fear and let it help you, that is when you get better. Kobe Bryant was fearful of missing those shots in the future. Therefore, he harnessed that and went straight to the gym to improve his game and build his level of confidence going forward. Next game he played, you better believe he still experienced fear, but this time around, he was ready for anything.

What is your greatest challenge? Think of it and find ways to harness the fear and anxiety that you may experience to overcome and challenge those obstacles head on. You do that and you will be thoroughly impressed with how fast you can improve and overcome those challenges. That’s why I call it “The Art of Moving Forward“. That’s exactly what it is.

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