Shine at Every Opportunity

The incredible game of opportunity

The incredible game of opportunity

Throughout history, sports have always found their way into the limelight of our universe. The thrill of the game, uncertainty of what is to come, and adrenaline that pumps through one’s veins is at an all time high. From the arena of home where the fans rejoice in front of their televisions to the players that are ready to blow the world away with their performance the anticipation begins to erupt.

How does this excitement affect the player and the team? For some, the excitement and determination for great success rings true and they perform at their all time high. The other team, while also excited before the game begins, seems to have the opposite experience. Any players or teams that you can think of that have recently experienced this? While it happens in many performances, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Washington Redskins have recently been the culprit of the poor performance bug. Their losses began early in the game and just continued in a downward spiral until that final blow of the whistle. Their sweat and tears lay on the field and it will forever stay there. In the locker rooms they may dwell on the sorrows of the ever so present past and the future may seem bleak…At least for now.

There are always brighter days. The major accomplishments are yet to come as long as the focus is on the present. Do what you can now. If your team is down in next weeks match and you are seeing a potential downfall of your teams demeanor, mindset, and excitement for the rest of the performance, this is your time to shine. When the light is bleak at best and the toughness that your team would usually exude does not show, be the fire starter. Set the tone. Get your mind in the zone by staying as present as possible and play your game. Your team needs a leader in these moments just as these two professional teams did in theirs.

You don’t have to be the leader of the squad to make this happen. Even if you are a 3rd string player that just got put in to play that last 2 minutes of a terrible loss, always remember that this is your time! There is actually no better moment to play than right now! Are you ready to be the change? Go out there, make it happen and illuminate all within your presence.

Be your own bright light. For if you are not, there is no way that the light will shine. You are your own conductor and the electricity that will flow through you will illuminate all within and around your being. Live a life filled with bright lights and learn from the fading moments. Your power will grow stronger with every lesson and each opportunity.

How will you react? Shine!

How will you react? Shine!

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Maximilian Pollack, M.S.

Optimal Mindset Consulting

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